Profiler Family Ties, Sheila Mobley
Sheila Mobley

Profiler Family Ties

Imagine having to sift through the mind of killer. What motivates them and how they pick their victims. Now imagine how the victim feels. Their last breath and the pain they endure from the killer's hand. For Marie, she doesn't have to imagine. She experiences it. Every psychotic thought and motivation that the killer will experience as well as the pain and suffering that the victim will endure. Her unique talents have propelled her to the elite status of the number one Profiler for the FBI.
Her unusual connection to the latest killer will push Marie in directions she never imagined. Will she be able to stop the threat before more people loose their lives. With time running out, Marie will stop at nothing and use everything she has learned to stop the killer. Someone she loves will be depending on it.
164 printed pages
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