Sarah Masters


Can they open up to one another and explain exactly what they want in the bedroom?

Oliver and Langham are on the hunt for another killer—one who befriends women then kills them because he thinks God told him to. He uses a roulette wheel to determine their manner of death, and the result is never pretty.

During their investigation, Oliver and Langham have to visit a BDSM club, knowing the killer will be there. However, Oliver’s senses are messed up—too many people around, and the stage show is a little too interesting—so the man they seek gets away. After the show, the two men have questions about what they want in the bedroom. Can they open up to one another and explain exactly what they want?

Through messages from the dead, Oliver knows the killer will lure another woman away very soon. The question is, will Oliver and Langham reach her in time before the roulette wheel spins again?
197 printed pages


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