David Brady

The Ultimate Keto Meal Prep Cookbook

Are you tired of having dwindling and inconsistent weight?
Do you desire to have a balanced and healthy diet to keep at for a long time?
Do you want your time, energy and money saved and still have the best keto meals
have to offer?
If you have a YES in any or all of these questions, then this book is yours.
The Ultimate Keto Meal Prep Cookbook is a comprehensive guide into the world of 
the keto meal prep. It has easy step by step instructions on how to go about the 
diet with nutritional values carefully calculated for you.

This book has 100 delicious recipes that will keep start your ketosis and 
sustain you in it. It has also be sub-divided into breakfast, lunch, dinner,
dessert, appertizer, snack and soup.

I also listed out for you the kitchen utensils you will be needing incase you 
are just starting up on the ketogenic diet.

In addition, I have listed out various options in which you can choose your
recpies. You have many options to pick from just incase you do not have the 
ingredients in each recipes that I have listed out for you. Thankfully, your
options here are not limited. You have as much as four to five options. Don't
worry, you can thank me by grabbing your copy.

If there is one thing I can gaurantee, it is that you won't regret having this
book with you. Live healthy, live smart and live long. Welcome to wholesome
72 printed pages
Original publication



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