Charles Fuchs

Life Beyond Alcoholism Guide

Living Sober: Life Beyond Alcoholism Guide

The road to recovery can be tough and arduous. But Charles Fuchs reveals his practical solution and guide to stay sober for the rest of your life!
If your recovering from alcholism and do not want to relapse back into your old ways, than this concise, informative and impact book is for you!

What You Will Learn

·  Lifestyle Changes

·  Positive Mindset

·  Self-Care

·  Holistic Solutions

·  Fresh Perspective

Life is a journey and the path to freedom can be overwhelming, but in the book Living Sober: Life Beyond Alcoholism Guide you will learn how to remain sober and alcohol free for the rest of your life!
Your one step closer to complete remission and freedom is just a step away, Remember there is always a silver lining even among the darkest of clouds

What are you waiting for? Grab your copy now and take on an empowering read that will change your life forever!
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