Jane Porter

Christos's Promise

Bride by arrangement, unwilling wife…The first time Christos Pateras laid eyes on Alysia, he promised he would make her his.Ten years later, Christos seized the chance to realize his vow: Alysia's father was offering his daughter's hand in marriage, in exchange for Christos's financial support. But on their wedding night, Christos discovered that though Alysia might be his bride by arrangement, she was not his willing wife…
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  • Shelly Fondahas quoted3 years ago
    Alysia, you can’t afford to dawdle. My parents will be here very soon. And trust me, you won’t endear yourself to my mother if she finds you undressed.”

    She couldn’t move, couldn’t tear her gaze from him. He looked so cool and calm, so perfectly controlled, while she felt like a ball of warm wax, soft and changing, helpless in his hands.

    She still felt him everywhere in her, on her, near her. She felt his mouth and hands, felt her body respond, and the dull pain in her heart.

    Covering her heartache, she gave him a defiant glare. “Why not? You undressed me.”
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