Elizabeth Power

Following in her father's footsteps, Elizabeth Power wanted to be a writer from a very early age. Once she realised that copying Rupert Bear stories word for word from her albums wasn't really the thing to do, she was on her way!By the age of fourteen, Elizabeth had produced her first full-length novel—alas! never published—and by the age of fifteen her teenage years meant life was so full that all literary ambitions became somewhat overshadowed.Married in her early twenties, Elizabeth found that the needs of the home became her priority. Despite the ever present nagging little voice in her conscience that constantly reminded her of those unfulfilled writing ambitions, the creativity had stopped.A few weeks before her thirtieth birthday, Elizabeth was thinking about what she had done with her first thirty years and realised she had been telling herself that she would "start writing tomorrow" for at least twelve of them! She couldn't help wondering, "whatever happened to that dream?" Within two weeks her "tomorrow" would come when fate took a hand in the form of redundancy!Writing was now Elizabeth's life. After several attempts, the letter that was to change her life arrived from Mills & Boon. They wanted to publish her book. The novels flowed, and they have continued to publish her books ever since.Living in England's beautiful West Country, she likes nothing better than taking walks with her husband along the coast or in the adjoining woods, and enjoying all that nature has to offer.Travelling ranks very highly among Elizabeth's pleasures, and so many places she has visited have been recreated in her books.Of her writing, emotional intensity is paramount. She says, "Times, places and trends change, but emotion is timeless." A powerful storyline with maximum emotion set in a location in which one can really live and breathe whilst the story unfolds is what she strives for.
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