Uncle Vampire, Cynthia Grant
Cynthia Grant

Uncle Vampire

123 printed pages
Everyone knows vampires don’t really exist—so why are Carolyn and her sister haunted by the same nocturnal visits?

Twin sisters Honey and Carolyn have a secret: Uncle Toddy must be a vampire. What else could explain the fact that his nightmarish nocturnal visits are sucking the life out of their family? Honey doesn’t want to talk about it. She’s a popular, pretty cheerleader with the perfect high school life. Why can’t Carolyn pretend it isn’t happening and concentrate on good things, instead of asking questions about what happens when he knocks at her door in the middle of the night?
Both girls’ grades are suffering under the strain of keeping their secret, threatening their school activities and plans for the future. Carolyn feels like she’s going crazy, seeing things that no one else can. How can she convince Honey that she’s only trying to stop the vampire from killing them both? Her only option is to force Uncle Toddy into the one place he doesn’t want to be: the light.
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