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The Pirates of Panama / or, The Buccaneers of America; a True Account of the Famous Adventures and Daring Deeds of Sir Henry Morgan and Other Notorious Freebooters of the Spanish Main

Frédéric Bastiat
Es­says on Po­lit­i­cal Econ­omy

Frédéric Bastiat

Essays on Political Economy

Lucy Foster Madison

Joan of Arc: The Warrior Maid

Charles Dickens

Captain Boldheart & the Latin-Grammar Master / A Holiday Romance from the Pen of Lieut-Col. Robin Redforth, aged 9

Frank Andrew Munsey
The Boy Bro­ker / Or, Among the Kings of Wall Street

Frank Andrew Munsey

The Boy Broker / Or, Among the Kings of Wall Street

Joseph Dietzgen
The Pos­i­tive Out­come of Phi­los­o­phy / The Na­ture of Hu­man Brain Work. Let­ters on Logic

Joseph Dietzgen

The Positive Outcome of Philosophy / The Nature of Human Brain Work. Letters on Logic

Charles Godfrey Leland

The Mystic Will. A Method of Developing and Strengthening the Faculties of the Mind, through the Awakened Will, by a Simple, Scientific Process Possible to Any Person of Ordinary Intelligence

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