Zygmunt Bauman

A Chronicle of Crisis

Zygmunt Bauman was a towering intellectual who saw and analysed – right up to his death in early 2017 – the great socio-political changes, often convulsive, in modern western society long before his peers. Here we highlight his prescient insights into what he dubbed 'liquid modernity' with 24 chapters on topics ranging from online loneliness via precarity/poverty/inequality to migration, fear of the 'Other' and the decline of the nation state. Chronicle of Crisis, 2011–16, written by one of the great chroniclers of our times, will be read and re-read for decades and more to come.
156 printed pages
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    Majo Sandovalhas quotedlast year
    don’t measure your success by the numbers of enemies killed, but by the quantity of friends, admirers and allies you’ve managed to summon, acquire and/or reassure.
    Majo Sandovalhas quotedlast year
    it is safer when people fear you than when they love you
    Majo Sandovalhas quotedlast year
    And let me add: the choice between the public and the private is slipping out of people’s hands, with the people’s enthusiastic cooperation and deafening applause

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