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Hannah Arendt

Human Condition

The renowned political thinker and author of The Origins of Totalitarianism examines the troubling consequences of humanity’s increasing power.
A work of striking originality, The Human Condition is in many respects more relevant today than when it first appeared in 1958. In her study of the state of modern humanity, Hannah Arendt considers humankind in terms of its ever-expanding capabilities. Her analysis reveals a troubling paradox: that as human powers increase through technological and humanistic inquiry, we are less equipped to control the consequences of our actions.
This new edition contains Margaret Canovan’s 1998 introduction and a new foreword by Danielle Allen. A classic in political and social theory, The Human Condition offers a penetrating analysis of a conundrum that has only become more acute in the 21st century.
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  • Yerem Mújicahas quoted2 years ago
    politically, the modern world, in which we live today, was born with the first atomic explosions.
  • Yerem Mújicahas quoted2 years ago
    the sciences today have been forced to adopt a “language” of mathematical symbols which, though it was originally meant only as an abbreviation for spoken statements, now contains statements that in no way can be translated back into speech. The reason why it may be wise to distrust the political judgment of scientists qua scientists is not primarily their lack of “character”—that they did not refuse to develop atomic weapons—or their naïveté—that they did not understand that once these weapons were developed they would be the last to be consulted about their use—but precisely the fact that they move in a world where speech has lost its power.
  • María José Gónzalezhas quoted2 years ago
    There may be truths beyond speech, and they may be of great relevance to man in the singular

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