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CultureShock! Denmark

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    In Denmark, a showy car is regarded as slightly tasteless, even vulgar.
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    Denmark, your utility consumption is not monitored and calculated each month, often only once or twice a year. Your payments are then averaged out on a monthly basis which means that you pay the same in heating on a hot summer month as you do during the coldest winter period! That makes it difficult to gauge and reduce your consumption, but it is all part of the Danish ‘pocket-money’ mentality; few people are prepared to save up money during fat times and spend less during lean. The Danes prefer each month and each year to be just like all the other ones.
    wolyashotshas quoted3 years ago
    On top of that comes cold weather clothes and footwear for the people and excessive wear and tear on buildings, cars and equipment. These are all factors that beef up the GNP of northern countries on paper but in actual fact they do very little to enhance the quality of life.

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