Mark DePonte

Get Up and GO

How many times have you said YOU HATE YOUR LIFE!

More times then you care to admit.

But «what if» you were offered the chance to run away

and start a new life? A better life.

Your Dream job… a Fabulous home… a Sweet new ride.

The catch?  There's always a catch.

You have to leave right now. No goodbyes.

Leave everyone you know and love behind.

If offered this chance, would you be ready to…

Get Up and Go!

We follow the lives of 4 individuals that accepted this offer.

The stories are fictional, but the TV Show is REAL!

Read the book. Fill out the Contestant Application.

And you might be chosen to be on the Grandest Reality TV Show ever envisioned.

Are you ready to Get Up and Go!
148 printed pages
Original publication



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