A Christmas Wish, Betty Neels
Betty Neels

A Christmas Wish

For Olivia Harding, the offer of employment at a small private school came as something of a godsend. With no qualifications, she hadn't expected to find a job so easily, let alone one that still brought her into contact with the eminent surgeon Haso van der Eisler. Olivia always looked forward to Haso's visits, though she knew he came mainly to see his goddaughter, Nel. The idea that Haso should marry the child's glamorous mother seemed obvious to all, but Olivia's stubborn heart told her otherwise!
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Mary Williams
Mary Williams shared an impression9 months ago
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Wonderful read.

Cashmere Baban
Cashmere Babanshared an impression2 years ago
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Tonya Buravchenko
Tonya Buravchenkoshared an impression6 months ago
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