Brock Landers

Ketogenic Cancer Approach

Facts supporting the benefits of the Ketogenic diet are gaining media attention but there is not a guide that seeks to instruct those who wish to use this diet as metabolic therapy for cancer issues. “Ketogenic Cancer Approach” fills this void.
This manual guides readers into an in-depth comprehension of the therapeutic results from the ketogenic diet— understand that this is more than just starving cancer—you are implementing one of the most powerful diets to date. This book contains specific ways to metabolize cancer cells. 
This book will teach you how:
* To fire up your metabolism using the Ketogenic Diet
* Nutritional ketosis affects cellular based cancer. 
* To balance a Ketogenic diet using the ketone method.
* Create the right Ketogenic diet for you.
* Metabolize fatty acids in the liver for energy. 
Readers of Ketogenic Cancer Approach are encouraged to “Eat right, day and night” “Purchase Ketogenic Cancer Approach”
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