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Gaps Diet

Following the success of the best selling ”Healthy GUT & Ketogenic Cancer Approach” comes this fundamental guide to improving digestive health from a expert researcher in holistic medicine—revealing symptoms and their causes, whether it be weight gain, painful bloating or chronic indigestion all these issues lead to the intestinal tract. Dr. Brock and his research team is prepared to share his cleansing manual in an attempt to bring you back to when things were better.

Dr. Brock Landers has always had a history of gut problems as a child in Northern Nebraska. Gaps Diet gives readers an organized step-by-step care plan which will eliminate food triggers, build new habits and clear intestinal pathways of problematic pathogens.

Dr. Brock says “We want to swap the garbage for healthy probiotics and nutrients that build strength within the gut”. Gaps Diet will address the problem head on — instead of masking symptoms with short term fixes. By teaching readers new eating patterns Dr. Landers hopes to impart new habits that can be passed to others in casual conversation fixing each-other one at a time.

Previous readers have testified to loosing weight, increasing energy, and as strange as it may sound improved vision. This book contains recipes, meal plans and nuggets of knowledge. The content packed in this book spans from years of personal experience.

Gaps Diet will give you what you need to feel great and get your intestinal tract in order. Purchase “Gaps Diet”
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