Neil Hoechlin

The Ultimate Copywriting Guide for Beginners to Advanced


This copywriting book contains all the essential elements that must exist in an effective sales letter, to pull in money or get the call to action you want from the prospects.This could be to subscribe to your list, share your content, or even buy it now!
This book is targetted for beginning copywriting students and the entrepreneur or business owners who want to get better results through effective copywriting skills and best practices. Especially now that marketing happens a lot in social media, email, our websites--writing effective copy is a MUST to thrive!
An effective sales-letter that gets the result is just ticking checkboxes in the prospect's mind. If you know what these psychological triggers are, and how to trigger them? Then you can expect to get consistently powerful results, every time!
Heres a preview of what you'll learn in this book:
Website Product Copywriting
Blog Posts Copywriting
The 4Us Formula
The Aida Formula
Landing Page Copywriting
What Makes A Good Landing Page?
Call-To-Action Copy
Email Marketing
Crafting An Effective Email Marketing Copy
Sales Letter
Sales Page Copywriting
Keep It Laid-Back
Valuing Your Customers And Your Product And Services Show Through In A Hundred Subtle Ways
Understanding Your Prospects
The Ideal Customer
Their Pains And Struggles
The Sales Letter Structure
Headline Essentials
Types Of Headlines
Some Common Ways To Create An Engaging Subheading
Usp Versus Esp
Usp Or Unique Selling Proposition
Crafting A Value Proposition
Establishing Your Areas Of Difference
Story Driven Copywriting
Help The Reader Picture And Feel
Call To Action (Cta)
Managing Objections
The Guarantee
Postscripts (P.S)
Great Reasons Why You Should Buy
Ad Errors
Order Options
More Information
Copywriting Mistakes To Avoid
Trying To Sell Before First Giving Value
Sounding Too Formal
Wasting Your Reader's Time
Make A Claim Without Proof
Attempting To Sell To Everyone
Do Not Begin At The Start
Be Flexible
Leave Out Needless Words
Discuss Your Prospects' Issues
Swipe Files
The Better Letter Checklist:
Finishing Up
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    Anastasiia Kuznietsovahas quoted12 days ago
    You focus your reader’s attention by enumerating the info you want to present to your potential customers with the help of bullet points
    Anastasiia Kuznietsovahas quoted12 days ago
    >> Direct Headlines - Is straight to the point. No frills, no thrills type thing. You tell directly to your readers what it is your selling proposition. Examples like “Pink Baby Dresses - 25% Off”, “Guide to Home Buying Free E-book.”

    >> News Headlines - As the title suggests, your headline speaks to announce or introduce a new product or improvements. “Introducing Newest Version of XXX App”

    >> How-To Headline - A sure fire way of enticing potential customers who seek information or advice on how to solve their pain points relevant to the product or service that you are offering. Such as, “How to Write a Sale Copy That Sells.”

    >> Question Headline - A headline that asks the question that potential readers might relate to, empathize, or just plain curious to get to know the answer. An example, could be something like, “Do you make these mistakes in your Sales Ads?”

    >> Command Headline - A headline that hinges on a strong action verb that encourages your prospect to act on your offer that will benefit them like, “Download Your Free Copywriting Guide E-book Today.”

    >> Reason-Why Headline - Gives your prospects reason to read your whole sales copy. It is specific in that you provide some features, benefits, or tips that your reader will get. An example would be, “10 Ways to Write a Great Copy That Sells”.

    >> Testimonial Headline - This where you leverage on the actual testimonials of your customers. It is compelling in that you have your customer speaking on your behalf and selling for you by declaring or claiming to have benefited from your product or service. Or even providing proof of how and what pain points your product has solved for them. Imagine a happy customer speaking for you in this way, “Reed’s ‘Complete E-Commerce Guide E-book’ Helped Me Make $20K in Sales.”

    >> Benefit Headline - You state the benefits and squeeze them in a single but compelling sentence. You need to make sure that you have done your research enough to know your market that your headline targets directly their pain points and what solution you offer.

    It may read something like, “Fairer Skin in Five Days.”
    Anastasiia Kuznietsovahas quoted12 days ago
    First, you should do your research. You should understand all there is to understand what makes him tick. Create a mental image of your prospect. What age is he/she? How rich or poor? What does he drive? What's his ethnicity? Write the sales letter for that ONE PERSON ONLY! That person is the avatar or representation of all your prospects! What causes him pain? Find that wound, stick a knife into it, twist it, THEN offer your solution. If you can't make them connect with their grief? Your medicine or solutions, won't appear as valuable.

    You need to concentrate on REALLY narrowing down who you are writing the sales letter for, and what particular pains you are trying to fix.

    Great copywriting is a lot more than just merely describing the qualities and perks of the service or product you are attempting to sell. If you are selling to thousands of chiropractors for example? As mentioned, envision what that idea would look like if personified into a single person and imagine you are talking with that person in a casual, relaxed environment, such as at a bar or party somewhere. What would you say and how would you say it?

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