Dan Desmarques

The Egyptian Mysteries

The flame of ancient Egypt was never extinguished and remains alive among those who seek the Truth. It is an immortal Truth that transverses galaxies and the many planets to bring us the fundamentals of life, and with these, the architecture of divine intelligence.

Those who find this Light are made enlightened by their own understanding and compassion toward all that wants to expand and flourish.

Many were those who lost their life for revealing part of these secrets to the world, in many cases still hidden in ancient scripture, but the Light of Truth can’t be removed from the world except through the heart of men and women who voluntarily embrace darkness in the form of ignorance.

This information does not require the validation or approval of hierarchies or masters for it is one and encompasses everything, and when the student that is ready can open his heart, he shall receive, and in accordance to his level, the proportional wisdom.

This is one book hiding layers of many others that the reader will discover as he evolves and re-reads the same book over the path of his existence, for in every reading he will unveil a new secret within himself.
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