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Fyodor Dostoevsky

The Gambler

221 printed pages

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    ysafi01shared an impression4 years ago
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    Nothing but memorable moment long to forgetting to be sure

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    b6202049305has quotedlast year
    What am I? I am zero—nothing. What shall I be tomorrow? I may be risen from the dead, and have begun life anew. For still, I may discover the man in myself, if only my manhood has not become utterly shattered.
    Samir Đokovićhas quoted2 years ago
    there is something in the feeling that, though one is alone, and in a foreign land, and far from one’s own home and friends, and ignorant of whence one’s next meal is to come, one is nevertheless staking one’s very last coin
    Samir Đokovićhas quoted2 years ago
    Sometimes it happens that the most insane thought, the most impossible conception, will become so fixed in one’s head that at length one believes the thought or the conception to be reality. Moreover, if with the thought or the conception there is combined a strong, a passionate, desire, one will come to look upon the said thought or conception as something fated, inevitable, and foreordained—something bound to happen.

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