“Right Beneath Our Noses, All This Time”, Walt English
Walt English

“Right Beneath Our Noses, All This Time”

You will find within the pages of this book the many so called greatly disagreed upon topics of the Holy Bible which continue to divide those of us of the Christian faith. This book will shed light on these disagreed topics using the exact words of the Old and New Testament from the King James Version. I use the King James Version because it has been the Gold Standard of all other versions of the Holy Scriptures. Practically all other re-translated versions of the Holy Scriptures have been copied from the King James Version. And because of these re-translated versions of the Holy Scriptures they are filled with the good intentions but misguided interpretations of Man. This book is presented in clearing up the many misguided interpretations of man which continue to divide us as Christians. In addition it will reveal new treasures that have always been found within the pages of scriptures but for whatever reasons man has yet to discover or understand.
206 printed pages
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