K.J. Sutton

Deadly Dreams

I pushed myself up and stumbled away. But the memory followed me like a bad feeling. It found its way through the shabby mental wall Id erected. Within seconds, it filled my skull again.

Fortuna has made one too many sacrifices to protect the ones she loves.

She no longer knows how to go about her day-to-day life like she's normal. Like she's not utterly destroyed. Just a glimpse of Ian O'Connell's face causes panic attacks, and Collith isn't much help, considering he's fighting demons of his own.

Amongst so much inner turmoil, Fortuna's abilities are still changing. However weak she feels, she knows she's getting stronger. Fortuna does her best to hide it from other Fallen, because in the world of monsters, strength will get you killed. Well, that and unpredictable panic attacks.

Unfortunately for Fortuna, it's when you're most vulnerable that enemies-new and old-like to come out of the woodwork…
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    Matilde Jacobsenshared an impression4 months ago
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    Flora Fezeuhas quoted24 days ago
    My home is wherever you are. If you’ll have me,”
    Flora Fezeuhas quoted24 days ago
    not too late, Fortuna. When I met you, I felt alive in a way I hadn’t for years, and it was only when I started to breathe again that I realized how long I’d been suffocating. I wanted you so badly, I would’ve done anything… and I did. I’m not proud of manipulating you into the mating ceremony, or lying about my ability.”
    Flora Fezeuhas quoted24 days ago
    knew her. She was barely a person yet—she had no memories, no thoughts, and none of the experiences that formed someone, like skinned knees and first kisses—but I knew her. My body knew her. For nine months I had fed her, protected her, waited for her. She was part of me, regardless of whether she still lived inside me. The love I felt for this tiny being had no limits or boundaries.

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