Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol

Is the Christian Bible the Word of God

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Christianity presented a most confusing bible and called it the Word of God.
The Christian Bible is a hodgepodge of many conflicting stories that it can spawn up a million and one religions or sects where no two can be found to be exactly alike in their doctrines.
Tell me, how many Christian denominations and sects are there right now in the world.
I tell you, tens of thousands more new sects will be coming up in the years to come for as long as there are those who would open up and seriously read the Bible and that, in their reading, would discover that the teachings of their church do not conform exactly to what they have understood in the Bible.
Honestly, I have not known of any sect or denomination in the whole Christian world that was able to embrace the entire teachings in the Bible. For truly, it is impossible to ever do so.
The book will explain everything why.
Happy reading!
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