Hector Luis Bonilla

The Angel of Death

It is the year 2022, you are here to get real. I am here because I am the most awaited savior ever, for, I am the angel of death!

But, before we get into the good part, let us talk about Illusion.

Here is the real deal…

Everything you know or think you know about the universe is an illusion. Many intellectuals know this to be the case. Perhaps you are one of them.

The stars. Cars. People. Rocks. Water. And so on.

All of it part of the great physical universal illusion. That said, and it being the case, whether you agree or not, only one last condition of Illusion should be of interest to you.

And that is that the very reality that both comes before and after Illusion itself is a total lie. That lie is life. This life. On this Earth.

Sorry, Kiddo, I hate to break it to you like this, but…

… this is true because we are it.

You’d better know it — if you do not — we are only a half true. We know it because we must die eventually. What a happens when we die? We disappear. Why? Because we are not real. But Nature is not stupid. We know this because you are Nature.

So, if there is illusion in this life, there must be real life in the world of the missing. Which is where The Angel of Death wants to take you one of these days. No hurry. Take your time. The longer it takes, the better for all of us.

Not here, but out there you are the only reality there is. The only real. The true you. Want proof? What is out there? Reality. The real world.

And this is precisely where it gets interesting because you, in fact, are half real and half a total lie! No offense intended; it is just a fact. Why? Because (the funny thing is) your bad half is the flesh you carry around! The rest of you is the real deal…

So, I just pray that you are ready to get fully real. Again, no hurry. Be very very carefully from now on. Stay safe out there. You know that Nature and Man are blind to your presence right now… That can lead to disaster!!

That you are ready to learn the truth for real at last, there is no doubt. That is why you need to read this book. Which can only be surpassed after you die.

And right now, I am the only one on Earth that can teach you to understand death, of which I am the angel.

Do not be afraid. Learn to know how life is going to be when you get fully real. Buy your copy of The Angel of Death today!
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