Chained Convict for life: The Biography of Sabrina

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Since she can remember, 26 year old Sabrina, has dreamed of being dominated and controlled by her 'dream master¨. When she meets Thomas she¨s sure she¨s found that man! Moving into his Munich home, Sabrina agrees to 'The Judgement¨ ¨ a comprehensive document that indicates how she might serve a sentence of life long imprisonment in a secret dungeon cell; this being her most deeply cherished dream. Although it¨s just a 'fantasy¨ to start, it¨s not long before Thomas creates a set of full-body restraints: A Stainless Steel Restraint And Discipline Harness. And there is much more to follow…
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    b1247937566has quoted7 months ago
    The next morning he appeared outside of the bars holding a large box and the chains for the step up blocks in his hands, then unlocked the cell door and came inside.
    “That was your first night of seven convict. I hope you thought about why you are being disciplined like this?”
    He stepped out of my sight and I trembled like a falling leaf, fearing that he was going to whip me again, but a moment later, he spread some ointment on my still sore, burning buttocks. I’d fallen forward again and hung there, unresisting, in front of him until a few moments later he pulled me back to a standing position and placed the wooden blocks under my feet. I stood gratefully on them, keeping very still while he unlocked the side chains then at last released the one at the top of my head cage. Once freed, I stepped slowly and tiredly onto the tiles, staggering from exhaustion, but he held me up and guided me to the toilet. I sat on it with a heavy clank of my harness hitting the steel seat, then, without a sympathetic word, he screwed the long rubber hose onto the front of the gag plate covering my lower face. The bottles of water and bread mash were fitted into brackets on the wall, then he spoke.
    “Your food and water are here convict and so you may eat and drink

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