Emily St.John Mandel

The Glass Hotel

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The Glass Hotel — Emily St. John Mandel
The Glass Hotel is a novel by Canadian writer Emily St. John Mandel. It is Mandel's fifth novel. It follows the aftermath of a disturbing graffiti incident at a hotel on Vancouver Island and the collapse of an international Ponzi scheme.
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    Later, considering the memory from afar, from FCI Florence Medium 1, Alkaitis doesn’t remember much about the picnic. What he remembers is afterward: a sense of calm at the end of the long strange day, a temporary peace, sitting there in the shade with his whole family together, and then an hour or so when the sun is setting and their parents are starting to talk about driving Lucas back to the train station (“unless you’d like to stay here tonight, honey, you know there’s always room…”), one last beautiful hour of throwing a Frisbee with his brother in the deepening twilight, running and diving over grass, the pale disk spinning through the dark.
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    One of our signature flaws as a species: we will risk almost anything to avoid looking stupid.
    Galina Beltyukovahas quoted8 months ago
    She made her way uptown through the furnace of the subway system and observed the way the life of the city continued around her, indifferent and uninterrupted.

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