Ida J

Coming of Age – Episode 1

After asking a hookup to give her a black eye, Ida J. returns to memories of her first BDSM experiences.

A recent art school drop out in London Ida J. happened to casually like pain. In search of painful pleasures, she stumbles upon a kinky café and bookshop and in the absence of initiation rites and rituals involving pain, she decides to learn more about BDSM from group that met weekly in the café's basement.

At one such meeting, and not appropriately dressed for such kink, Ida J. receives her inaugural spanking. The experience of contrasting pleasures opens her eyes to BDSM. She longs for more. She continues to explore the world of painful desires and at one meeting, she offers her body to be bound in rope by a gorgeous porn star.

At an underground London club, Ida. J. develops a heightened taste for pain in the form of needles. Each prick of the sharp objects through her skin is accompanied by droplets of blood, and euphoria soon follows. However, this act is more like wearing extraordinary jewelry, and is a stepping stone in her journey, one that ultimately leads to Jason, her first love.
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