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James Smalls

Gay Art

This book is not a panegyric of homosexuality. It is a scientific study led by Professor James Smalls who teaches art story. His works examines the process of creation and allows one to comprehend the contribution of homosexuality to the evolution of emotional perception. In a time when all barriers have been overcome, this analysis offers a new understanding of our civilisation's masterpieces.
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Parkstone International
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  • mila_vihas quoted6 years ago
    In his dialogues, Plato focused on male homosexuality, seeing it as a higher spiritual goal than heterosexual physical contact and procreation
  • Lola Aslanovahas quotedlast year
    Sodomites are sentenced to run naked over burning sand and under a steady rain of fire – a punishment reminiscent of the biblical destruction of Sodom itself.
  • Lola Aslanovahas quotedlast year
    I am very distressed for thee, my brother Jonathan; very pleasant hast thou been unto me: thy love was wonderful, passing the love of women.” (2 Samuel 1: 19-26)

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