Janet Johnson

Keto Bread

Do you want to enjoy the nourishment and thrill of eating scrumptious loaves and bread meals that are popular among regular dieters, without compromising ketogenic diet values or being kicked out of nutritional ketosis, while retaining the original delicious taste of bread and other bread meals?

If your answer is yes, then this book is for you. Written with a simple yet hands on approach to baking keto bread and other baked goods. You will find 100 mouthwatering keto bread recipes that will keep you satisfied and sustained in ketosis day after day.

The full nutritional information of each recipe has been clearly stated to help you count your macros. Each recipe has been categorized under chapters for easier reading. What's more? you will find bagels, donuts, bread loaves, flatbread and more, for your daily consumption.
76 printed pages
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