Paulo Vicente Alves

Emerging Markets Report

This report is divided into three chapters: a discussion of what constitutes an emerging market and their classification, an analysis of the BRIMCs nations in geographical and economical terms, and a series of possible future economic scenarios.

The first chapter, the discussion about what constitutes an emerging market divides the nations into three groups, each representing 70%, 80% and 90% of the world economy, and studies these groups using cluster analysis with the variables of GDP per capita, population size and fertility rate. Through this study it is possible to create three layers of emerging nations.

The second chapter, an analysis of BRIMCs nations in geographical and economical terms brings studies of markets, internal geography and barriers to growth for the nations of Brazil, Russia, India, Mexico and China.

The third chapter, a series of possible future economic scenarios presents a broad vision of the BRIMCs' nations in the 21st century using hegemonic cycles and Kondratieff cycles theories. The report examines each one of the BRIMCs on possible demographical, economical and political expansions.

Each nation studied has specific approach in this scenario extrapolation and each scenario analysis contains a map of the most probable expansions with four possible variants and statistical probabilities assigned to each scenario.
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