Samantha Claire

Aging Strong With Grace


Are you feeling a little down because you think you're getting too old? You don't have to. Get a hold on this aging thing, see it from the right perspective and live life to the fullest!

It's all a matter of installing the right software so to speak, or mindsets that should let you appreciate the beauty of life, even at this point.

On this book, you'll learn:

The Aging process
The human mortality
Different theories about aging
The link between sleep and aging
Factors that promote healthy aging
Dealing with age-related diseases
The link between different moods and human aging
Viewing aging on the brighter side
Digging deep about human aging
Postponing aging
The recipe for longevity
Aging is not a disease
Death Theory
The mechanism of aging
The relation of stress and human aging
Aging symptoms
Cell aging
Preparing for the changes
Staying active in your golden years
Setting realistic goals for older people
Growing old and being optimistic
Older people and support
The process of aging and finding a new environment
Human aging and health-related diseases
How the process of aging affects the skin
Determining the nutrients required for older people
Assessing the health of older people
How the process of aging affects productivity
Focusing and concentration

and more…


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