Miss Irene Presents – Tale 18, Miss Irene Clearmont
Miss Irene Clearmont

Miss Irene Presents – Tale 18

In this foray into the world of the domestically and sexually dominant woman — and the men hapless enough, or foolish enough, to risk her ire — the glorious Miss Irene Clearmont describes an establishment that no male who enters will ever leave with his sense of masculinity intact.

For one such cheating husband and his mercenary lover, the boom is about to be lowered as his long-suffering wife enrols him as a pupil at Oban Manor without his knowledge and into the strict and imperious care of Mistress Elisabeth McCowen and her dedicated team of female tutors.

The life of one cheating husband will NEVER be the same again.

Though his wife’s will certainly be… BETTER!

“Governess” is Tale-18 in the «Miss Irene Presents collection of female-led and LGBT fiction.
224 printed pages
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