Becky Albertalli

What If It's Us

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Лера Микрюковаhas quoted4 months ago
I force a grin, but my mind is whirling. So this is it. We’re playing The Sims. This is Ben’s big night. He introduces me to his avatar, who basically looks like Ben in Harry Potter robes, and under normal circumstances I’d be super charmed by this, but all I can think about are those thirty-six condoms burning a hole in my messenger bag. It’s just hard to get excited about losing my Sim virginity when I was sure I was going to lose my actual virginity. But I guess that’s my own fault for coming in with expectations
Лера Микрюковаhas quoted4 months ago
He talks a lot, which I’m fine with, and he’s not good at maintaining eye contact, which sucks because I want to stare at his electric blue eyes. Punch me in the face if I ever compare them to the sky or the ocean, because they’re much cooler than that.
Лера Микрюковаhas quoted4 months ago
Okay, there’s text. There’s a paragraph. And—

Holy shit.

Hey, so I don’t know if this is supposed to be a joke or a prank or what, but I saw your flyer about the post office. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little freaked out. In a good way, though. Because I think I’m the guy you’re looking for? I hope that isn’t creepy. Anyway, hi again. I’m Ben.

I just stare at it.

I’m speechless.

My hands are shaking. I need to—okay. I’m sitting down. On the edge of my bed. Phone’s in both hands. All the words are hazy. I can’t quite—Ben. He has a name, and it’s perfect. Arthur and Ben. Arthur and Benjamin
Лера Микрюковаhas quoted4 months ago
I don’t want to look at anything my ex-boyfriend gave me.”


Which means Box Boy dates guys.

And okay. Wow. This doesn’t happen to me. It just doesn’t. But maybe the universe works differently in New York.

Box Boy dates guys.

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