Michael Widmore

Taming the Beasts

This book will arm you to the teeth so to speak, on the tools and techniques you would need to confront and handle the difficult people in your life! The proper mindsets, actions, tactics and strategies to keep them all under control and gain their respect! Being with difficult people is like being with strong, stubborn, wild animals. You need to have enough finesse and flexibility, at the same time enough grit and toughness, so you dont get eaten alive!In this book you will learn:— How to set boundaries.— How to enforce boundaries.— How to deal with conflicts and be comfortable therein.— How to confront people.— Understand what Niceguys are and how to stop being one!— How to be true to yourself, stop being a people pleaser and thus gain others respect.— Assertiveness training, how to be more assertive etc.— Learning how to say NO!And much much more!=================Table Of Contents=================What Are Boundaries?Ng BoundariesImportkinds Of BoundariesIndicators Of Unhealthy BoundariesAll About Self RespectHow To Safeguard YourselfSettiant Boundary Setting Steps:Changing Yourself.Enforcing BoundariesConfronting PeopleDo You Feel Guilty About Conflicts?Being Honest With YourselfAssertiveness TrainingDon T Hesitate To Be More Forceful When The Situation Requires It.Guidelines For Being AssertiveThe Nice Guy
23 printed pages
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