Quotes from “The Body Book” by Cameron Diaz

human achievement. It’s using the part of your mind that is the small voice inside you, the quiet steady one coming from your gut that’s always there but can be hard to hear because the self-sabotaging voices always seem to drown it out. The smaller voice is the one that tells you the truth; it is the reasonable one that truly believes in you and knows what you are capable of. It’s the one that’s always rooting for you. It knows the difference between right and wrong and how much discomfort and pain you can endure to achieve the goals that you want in every living moment. This voice will always be there for you when you need good advice or when you need someone to push you and motivate you
how your choices affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally
Information is power only if you USE it. Only if you practice it
turn information into part of your daily routine, or else all of the time that you invested in reading this book is useless
Healthier, stronger, sexier, more capable, more creative, more interesting: You have so much life to live, and I want you to live it to your fullest, in the strongest
“I run. And I hike. And I strength-train
The key to all of this is eating for energy and then using that energy through MOVEMENT. The reason our body wants us to eat is because it wants us to move
Insulin is a hormone that helps deliver glucose to your cells.
do you want to live in a body that allows you to do the things you want to do, a body that is full of health and capability, that you are proud to call your own? Because it’s your choice.
Because I know that curiosity counts, that taking an interest, asking questions, and following through on what I learn leads to results.
m talking about having a body that is working at its optimum, a body that has the energy to go all day without crashing, a body that can fight off illness and keep you strong. I’m talking about feeling amazing in your skin, in a body that can wake up in the morning, get out of bed, make breakfast, and
If I eat garbage, I’m going to feel like garbage. If I eat good healthy food full of energy,
that the food we consume over the course of a day creates the experiences we have in that day. Because what we eat carries the stuff of life—our lives.
. Which is why you must act as a nutrition delivery system for your cells, finding and consuming the most nutrient-rich foods possible, so your cells can do everything they want to do: protect you, energize you, heal you, as well as enable you to keep thinking and breathing. (Thank you, brain cells and lung cells.)
That means that everything about you—from the color of your hair and your eyes to your blood type to your risk for developing certain diseases—lives in your cells, including your ovarian cells, which will create the egg cells that are a collection of your genes and can be passed down to the next generation.
of knowing how incredible it feels to nourish yourself with good food, to move and sweat, to truly care for your health.
So if you want to get to all of those wonderful destinations, you have to build the strongest, most capable, most powerful body that you can.
how well you care for it will determine how well you are able to live your life.
Because nutrition and fitness and awareness and discipline are not just words: they are tools. They are power. They are ways to care for yourself that empower you to be stronger, smarter, more confident, and truer to yourself.
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