Scarlet Smith

My Dirty First Time

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Fiona has such a crush on her stepfather, Stuart. If only he were a handsome prince, ready to romance her and make her his.

In fact, Fiona is in for a big surprise. Stuart feels the same way. But he isn't interested in romance. He'll make her his, all right — hard, fast and with no protection!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

«And they all lived happily ever after…sure," Fiona said, tossing the book that she had been reading for the past few hours over her shoulder. It was a clichéd love story involving a prince and a princess, and it didn't interest Fiona at all. The girl simply hated sappy romance. She wanted action and adventure, not love.

Unless that love came from her stepfather.

Fiona would never turn down Stuart, no matter how sappy his actions were. It was pretty obvious that Fiona heavily favored her stepfather, no matter how hard her mother worked to earn her attention. She simply adored him. Being homed schooled, he was her best friend, as well as a father figure. Recently though, her feeling towards him had become more complicated. She had a major crush on him, she had to admit. She had no experience with boys, but she knew about romance from her books. If only her stepfather was a handsome prince, and she his princess! She certainly wouldn't mind it if he kissed her, just like the princes in the stories!

She knew, of course, that this was a bad thought. Stuart was married…to her mom! But even though she knew she shouldn't be thinking it, it wouldn't go away.
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