Scarlet Smith

Double Fun With Daddy And Uncle

Lily is eighteen, and Daddy has already started to train her into his perfect little plaything. Lily is learning fast…she'll do anything to please her daddy!

Now Daddy has invited his brother Liam over to join in the fun. Lily soon finds out that taking on two men at once is more of a challenge than when Daddy uses her for himself…but dirty little Lily soon rises to the occasion!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

The knock on her door made her sit up eagerly. Her father's voice made her smile and she hugged her pillow.

“Y-Yes, daddy.” she called back with a sleepy voice. She had only just woken up!

“Get a move on then, he'll be here soon.” Tony tidied the house a little, and put some clean sheets on the bed, as well as checking there was plenty of lube — he was sure it would be needed.

About an hour later, there was a knock on the door, he opened it and ushered his brother in. “So you're serious?” Liam asked. “We're going to share her?” Liam was slightly taller and more muscular than Tony, and had always had thing for teen girls.

“Absolutely” Tony told him. “We'll do it together.” He knocked on Lily's door. “Are you ready honey?”

Lily yawned and climbed out of bed. Uncle Liam was here already! She went over to her wardrobe and pulled out one of her favourite dresses. It was a tight, purple colored top that merged into a tutu-like skirt. After putting on some simple white panties, she slipped into the dress. As a little contrast, she put on some knee high black and white socks. Before she put the bow into her hair, she put on some light make-up.

While she was working on herself, she could hear the front door opening and closing. She heard the two men talking and how they came closer and closer to her room. She inhaled and opened the door. She was a little nervous now. “I-I am ready, daddy.”
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