Patrick King

The Science of Likability

100% scientifically-proven ways to make friends quickly, turn enemies into friends, gain trust, and be flat-out likable.

Utilize the most interesting, shocking, and counterintuitive findings in psychological science to simply make people want to be around you.
The Science of Likability takes over 60 seminal scientific and psychological studies and breaks them down into real, usable guidelines and tips to create the presence you have always wanted. Every piece of advice in this book to increase your social standing and likability factor is 100% backed by in-depth, peer-reviewed research, and it goes far beyond simple common sense and intuition.

Learn how to subconsciously make yourself likable, trustworthy, and intelligent.

You can get a new haircut and wardrobe, and you even learn knock-knock jokes. But likability is something more. It's subconscious, and it's about the small signs that signal our brains to let their guards down, seek others out, and embrace them. We know what to do if we want to make someone hate us — we now also know what to do to become someone's favorite person.

Understand what makes people tick, and strategically give it to them.

— How to take advantage of people's memories for your sense of charm.
— The power of equity in relationships and friendships.
— A literal formula for “friendship chemistry.”
— The real way to use eye contact to build trust.
— Why tripping and being vulnerable in front of people is positive.
— Universal definitions of charisma, wit, and humor — seriously. Universal.
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  • abr4h4mmag4has quoted4 years ago
    asking that person for a favor instead of performing a favor for that person
  • abr4h4mmag4has quoted4 years ago
    lead with the negativity, the positivity will blunt the impact.
  • abr4h4mmag4has quoted4 years ago
    Eyes are the window to the soul, you can tell someone’s goodness just by looking them in the eye, he wouldn’t look at me in the eye and lie

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