William D.Gann

45 Years In Wall Street

Rushas quotedlast year
April 7 to 12, and 20 to 25. Not as important as January and February, but the latter part of April is often quite important for a change in trend.
Sergey Chulkovhas quoted4 years ago
6 I read “Truth of the Stock Tape,” written by W. D. Gann in 1923. To me it was a masterpiece. Then in 1927 I met Mr. Gann and since then I have read all the books he has written. The rules he has laid down have greatly benefitted me when times were good, also when they were
enfantliufanghas quoted5 years ago
A Review of the 1937 Panic and 1942 Panic,
1946 Bull Market with New Time Rules
and Percentage Rules with Charts
for Determining the Trend
on Stocks
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