William D.Gann

45 Years In Wall Street

Dr. Gann gives a thorough explanation of investment rules in this book for new and seasoned investors alike. Read this over and over until they become clear and fluid practices in your everyday portfolio management. This is the only eBook you will find that includes all the original charts and tables.
154 printed pages
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    บัก โนhas quoted7 months ago
    All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever.
    Rushas quoted3 years ago
    April 7 to 12, and 20 to 25. Not as important as January and February, but the latter part of April is often quite important for a change in trend.
    Sergey Chulkovhas quoted6 years ago
    6 I read “Truth of the Stock Tape,” written by W. D. Gann in 1923. To me it was a masterpiece. Then in 1927 I met Mr. Gann and since then I have read all the books he has written. The rules he has laid down have greatly benefitted me when times were good, also when they were
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