Robert C.Worstell

Backwards Book Publishing

How to Save Time, Earn More, Work Less by Publishing Backwards?!?
(Note: See the bonuses in the back of this book, along with audio to each chapter.)
The situation that most starting authors have (and
I've seen the same thing you've run into) is: How the hell do you
get from here to there?

You hear and (are constantly told) about these
outrageously successful authors. But only a very small few percent of people actually achieve that.

If you want to be successful you've got to
study success.
What I found by studying all these guys that are making six- and seven-figures as an author is that most of them have
been starting out with books and ending up with
courses. (Which makes the author more money: a $3.99 book or a $399.00 course?)

The beginning author, though, has to spend a lot
of time and money they don't have in order to do that. So most
authors fail to make a livable income.

And as if we don't have enough problems, how is it
a solution to work backwards?

as an Idea Container

Let's go back to basics. Books are an idea
They aren't just an e-book, a paperback, and so on.
The one set of content is pushed out through all these different
versions: e-books, paperbacks, hardbacks, audio books, audio CDs, and also — courses.

The great part about that is courses sell the books and the books sell the courses.
The Sensible Approach That Few If Any Use
Here'e the secret: 1) record the course, 2) transcribe the audio, 3) edit it into your book. All types of books. You've got the video, audio, text, and graphics. So turn around and publish that coure and also every version you can. Why not?
Too simple, right?
Also mostly unknown is that you can do this from your own home-office without having to buy expensive programs or services.
How can you save time, work less, and earn more? And still publish great books?
The secret how-to's and steps are inside this book (along with bonuses and audio.)
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