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Miya Kazuki,You Shiina,quof,Kieran Redgewell

Ascendance of a Bookworm: Part 3 Adopted Daughter of an Archduke Volume 4

Spring is the season when love blooms! Rozemyne's retainers are bursting with energy as they make clothes, attend their debuts, and shine in the new season.

The improved printing press is finally completed in the temple workshop, and the variety of available books is steadily beginning to expand. Picture books, collections of sheet music, knight stories—all are now being sold.

Their first aim is to further develop the paper-making industry in preparation for the spread of printing across the entire duchy. To this end, Rozemyne's party travels to Illgner, hoping to teach them how to make paper while also researching new materials to use.

As the environment around Rozemyne slowly improves, the archduke's older sister arrives for a visit, shrouding Ehrenfest in an air of unease.

Everything changes in this volume of this biblio-fantasy as nobles emotionally clash and the conclusion of Part 3 approaches!
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    👍Worth reading

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  • Bonifacio Sandrohas quoted4 months ago
    d my meeting with the Plantin Company and ret
  • karnn46has quoted3 years ago
    Okay... Let’s make it intelligent enough that it can listen to and remember what people say, bark out corrections whenever Angelica messes up, and give her advice since she’s lacking in knowledge. Wait... That wouldn’t even be a sword! It’d be another Ferdinand!
  • karnn46has quoted3 years ago
    “Not to mention, my kitchen has Ella. Nicola and Monika often work there as assistants, too. Would you not rather work in a kitchen full of cute girls than the stuffy, man-filled one in the castle?”

    “Lady Rozemyne, I think I’ll take you up on your offer.”
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