Jennifer Faris

Best Belly Fat-Blaster: Yoga

In this book, we will consider the basic asanas (exercises), you’ll learn about the sets of exercises for weight loss for belly and hips, and with special cleansing breathing yoga. All the games were developed for shape restoration. The exercises given in this book will help you to return the forgotten sense of movement flexibility and ease vivacity and tirelessness. The quick restoration of the tone of hip, buttocks, and abdomen muscles creates the visible picture of weight loss even earlier than the pressure starts decreasing objectively. This creates the wonderful stimulus for further lessons immediately.

Using yoga for weight loss has been known for a long time already, and many people nowadays resort to this method due to its multi-faceted impact on the body.

What can yoga do for weight loss? As a rule, excess weight is the result of the impact of several factors. And yoga will help to cope with three of them already.

First, it contributes to receive the physical load, without which burning calories is impossible.
Second, metabolism grows due to practicing.
Third, yoga allows you to obtain useful eating habits.

What causes metabolism increase in people practicing yoga? The sets include individual exercises, which are called shat-karmas. They belong to the cleaning tasks and supply the maximal amount of oxygen to your body. Having learned to breathe correctly at your lessons, you will do this further in everyday life.

During the yoga practices, all muscle groups are involved. For example, the gluteal muscles become more resilient already after a few months of training – and this is a group of muscles rather difficult to be impacted.

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