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“From within stars! Think of it.” She stretched her arm up above us, marveling at it. “Every single bit of us comes from this process called nuclear fusion that only happens inside stars.” She stifled a yawn. “Strange to even think of it. We are all of us but stardust shaped into a conscious being. The Helionics and the old scientists really do agree, even if no one realizes it.”

Donia would be a good tutor cause I literally understood this more than anything from school OR YouTube💀

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“What manner of person are you? I don’t know you.”

Nah cause where tf did he get the audacity

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“Nemesis, you are absolutely extraordinary. I had braced myself for imminent death, and there you exploded upon us like some avenging angel . . .” His voice caught. “I have grown used to the idea that human beings die or they betray and I could only rely on myself, but that’s not true anymore. I feel I can trust you. That may seem so small an admission”—his eyes grew shadowed, his voice hoarse—“but from me, it is the greatest compliment I can ever give.”


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💞Loved Up
👍Worth reading

This shit is underrated how tf did I find this masterpiece? def one of my favs this year. Whatever tf is in your tbr, you needa abandon it and read this first.

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