Mark Farley

AQUA BABIES SPEAKING SWAHILIMy first non-adult publication, a collection of satirical essays and stories entitled, 'Aqua Babies Speaking Swahili' is available on Kindle and the Kindle app for phones here:'s a bargain price of £1.02 for just over 50,000 words! It was supposed to be 99p but I don't know what's going on.All other readers and devices can find it on www.smashwords.comSWINGTOWN AND OTHER STORIES BY MARK FARLEYA collection of erotic short stories based around the world of swinging. Weaving in over 15 years of experience in non-monogamous relationship structures, experiences within ‘the lifestyle’ and anecdotes from all of the likeminded people he has met over the years to create a collection of erotic short stories that not only titillate and get your juices flowing but cover many of the pit falls and problems, as well as all the wonderful things that can happen once you dip your toes into the swinging world.Available worldwide via Amazon for Kindle and Smashwords for all other readers and devices. Price £3/$5 for a full length short story collection!!**************Author of erotic fiction and general smut peddling casanovan dandy. Sex columnist. Sweary Miserablist. Occasional Poet. Regular Deviant. I write dirty words for a living. I write them under my own name and am not ashamed about that.My name is Mark and I live in London and I write filth. I'm not ashamed about that at all. Suzanne Portnoy, author of 'The Butcher, The Baker and the Candlestick Maker' and 'The Not-So-Invisible Woman called me "A Perv in the Making", which I am quite proud of.I'm a freelance writer specialising in erotic fiction for men and women of every sexuality, actively promoting sex-positive, liberated, open-minded behaviour and alternative lifestyles. I'm currently a columnist for Desire Magazine Presents Swinging and have contributed to Cliterati, Scarlet Magazine, Forum Magazine, Bunnie and The Idler.My short stories are often featured in the Xcite Books (through Accent Press) range including all three of the Seriously Sexy collections. My stories have been published in both of the Burlesque Against Breast Cancer books, 'Ultimate Burlesque' and 'Ultimate decadence' (through Xcite) and also Volume Five of the Nexus Confessions series, plus other UK and US publications.I run charity burlesque events/erotica readings for Burlesque Against Breast Cancer around the UK and the events and the books raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support."This teasing insight into the life of a couple with a wide open marriage. The realism of the relationship in this story is only overshadowed by the strength of the eroticism." -Ashley Lister, author of 'Swingers' about my story in 'Seriously Sexy 1'"I admired the way he nailed the tone of both a foreigner and a woman so convincingly - no mean feat!" -Carrie Williams, author of 'The Blue Guide' about my story in 'Ultimate Burlesque'
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