Pamela Yaye

A self-professed "readaholic" and die-hard sports fan, Pamela Yaye knew from a very young age that she had the gift to write. Although she couldn't pass math class to save her life, she excelled in English, aced social studies assignments and she still holds high school records for the one-hundred and two-hundred meter races!It was no surprise to her family and friends when she informed them that she was going to teach overseas at the tender age of twenty-two. After teaching in Seoul, South Korea and traveling extensively throughout Asia, Pamela returned home with one fine fiance and disks full of short stories, poems and novellas. Three years and many, many rejection letters later, she signed with super-agent Sha-Shana Crichton of Crichton & Associates. Within weeks, Pamela had a two-book deal with Kimani Books. Pamela lives in Calgary, Canada, with her husband, Jean-Claude, and their adorable but mischievous daughter, Aysiah. Her weekdays are spent teaching ESL students how to read and write, but in the evenings she enjoys taking Aysiah for long walks around the neighborhood. When Pamela's not in front of the TV cheering on the Indianapolis Colts, the Detroit Pistons or the Williams sisters, she's cooking, planning her next vacation or getting her characters into trouble! Pamela loves to hear from readers via her email:


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