Dani Collins

    Kapila Shobinihas quoted2 years ago
    “But at least you and I know what an important occasion this is.
    b9180039574has quoted2 years ago
    her, making her gasp at his sudden
    b8588193145has quoted3 months ago
    It followed that they would send in a scout, thinking to once again steal what they wanted and step back into the top position.

    Like hell.

    Roman wasn’t just going to win this time. He would send a message to the Gautiers they would never forget. He would crush them into nothing, starting by flattening their emissary without a shred of mercy.
    Sekar Chamdihas quoted8 months ago
    a daughter is life and light. A way for your wife to live on. Daughters are love in its purest form.
    b5256628926has quoted2 years ago
    would rather smother him in his sleep than share his bed for lovemaking
    Sekar Chamdihas quoted2 years ago
    Being afraid doesn’t make you a coward. Giving in to fear does. Bravery is pushing forward despite the cold sweat
    Sekar Chamdihas quotedlast year
    love is never a solution
    Sekar Chamdihas quotedlast year
    where there is lust, where there is need and want and longing, there will always be jealousy
    Sekar Chamdihas quotedlast year
    Jealousy comes from insecurity.
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