China Mieville

British urban fantasy fiction author, essayist, comic book writer, socialist political activist and literary critic. He often describes his work as weird fiction and is allied to the loosely associated movement of writers called New Weird.
years of life: 6 September 1972 present




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tracked him without focusing, just legally.
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The Oversight Committee meets in the giant, baroque, concrete-patched coliseum in the centre of Besźel Old Town, and of Ul Qoma Old Town. It is one of very few places that has the same name in both cities—Copula Hall.
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Such polite stoic unsensing is the form for dealing with protubs—that is the Besź for those protuberances from the other city.


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🔮Hidden Depths
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Читать и читать и читать и читать; нуар, университетский роман, курс по гоффмановской социологии города, праздник.

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    China Mieville
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