Robin Sacredfire

  • b7987990652has quoted2 years ago
    You don’t learn to love by reading books on relationships, you don’t learn to fight by watching Bruce Lee’s movies, you don’t lose weight by watching sports on TV, and you can’t become better person by merely reading about it. You have to apply whatever you see, learn and understand. You have to do to become.
  • Athijamee Athijameehas quoted7 months ago
    Anyone can be awesome,
  • Jerome Ebreohas quoted6 months ago
    pulsation for aggression
  • Kj ferrarenhas quoted5 months ago
    Freud said that "Men have gained control over the forces of nature to such an extent that with their help they would have no difficulty in exterminating one another to the last man" (in The Future of an Illusion, Freud 1927), he claimed that humans are self-destructive by nature.
  • b8270772258has quoted2 years ago
    Chronic diseases are just as chronic as our inner negativity towards our spirit and faith.
  • Sonam Bomzenhas quoted6 months ago
    “Another me jumped to my brain when I was
  • Sonam Bomzenhas quoted6 months ago
    hile their inner conversations may lead
  • arelybowerhas quoted2 months ago
    owerful in life, the outcome is never in their favor.
  • b7118147379has quotedlast year
    The openness to love, disguised as a multitude of communicative forms, is the strength that bounds the members of the most powerful religions and societies
  • b7118147379has quoted6 months ago
    While the poor work harder to earn more, the rich invest more to work less; and, while the poor save
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