Walter Kaylin

Born in the Bronx in 1921, Walter Kaylin served with the Army Signal Corps as a radioman in the Philippines during WWII. By the 1950s, Kaylin was writing for Martin Goodman’s Magazine Management Company, alongside writers like Mario Puzo and reporting to editor Bruce Jay Friedman.In magazines like MALE, MEN and TRUE ACTION, Kaylin left an indelible mark on three decades of sweat-soaked pulp fiction, his hundreds of stories tackling testosterone-fueled subjects from Westerns to war, secret agents to sex sirens, Nazis to noir. His frequently over-the-top plots and characters scaled new heights of ingenuity and invention while setting the standard for the kind of unapologetic savagery and excess that made men’s adventure magazines notorious - then and now.Kaylin’s high-octane, two-fisted pulp fiction was introduced to a new generation of readers in the men’s adventure anthology WEASELS RIPPED MY FLESH!, followed in 2013 by HE-MEN, BAG MEN & NYMPHOS, a solo collection of his vintage pulp. Both books are available from New Texture.
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