• Kasper Avolahas quoted6 days ago
    Like black ink slowly spreading through white parchment, Hajime’s pure heart slowly grew sullied.
  • Kasper Avolahas quoted6 days ago
    this was a soul reforged in the darkness and despair of hell, a soul tempered in pain and instinct. A soul harder than steel.
  • TG Kirkmanhas quoted5 months ago
    Wanderlust is in my blood. And it’s my belief that living things should be born in nature and die in nature.
  • TG Kirkmanhas quoted5 months ago
    There’s no value in a world that’s always as you want it. And there’s no meaning in happiness you didn’t earn. Even if it’s painful, even if you feel like you can’t bear it at times, it’s only through overcoming harsh realities one after another that you will achieve true happiness. Never forget that.
  • TG Kirkmanhas quoted4 months ago
    But Hajime had decided to accept his feelings. Never would he feel guilty about what he thought of Yue. In fact, if the day ever came that his fear of being rejected overwhelmed him, he was confident he could tell Yue to her face that he wanted to cling to her for safety. He knew better than anyone that he was far from perfect. But he also knew that he could always rely on his beloved partner to make up for the things he lacked and to help him overcome the worst parts of himself. Because he trusted Yue completely, he could ask her for anything.
  • TG Kirkmanhas quoted4 months ago
    Religion exists to serve the people, not the other way around.
    The church should be a place people can go to for refuge and solace, not a stern overseer, for the people have the right to live freely.
    The best god is one who does nothing. One that simply watches over the lives of mortals and blesses them from up high.
    If people need salvation, they should turn to each other.
    If people need support, they should turn to each other.
    Those who do good are holy men, regardless of what robes they wear.
    These are the precepts of our new church.
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