Calista Fox

Award-winning author Calista Fox began her professional fiction-writing career in2004, following an exciting career in PR, where she specialized in writingspeeches and Congressional testimonies. Her books have received rave reviewsand she is also the recipient of a Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Erotic Sci-FiNovella. In 2007, Calista was selected to launch two e-publishing ventures, oneof which was for the print publisher, Red Sage, publisher of the Secretsanthologies in which several of her stories are featured, as well as the publisherof one of her upcoming single title releases. She has also been invited toparticipate in an anthology with two New York Times bestselling authors. Herwork has been featured in Playgirl magazine (Dec. ’05), RWA’s RWR magazine(various) and Romantic Times Bookclub magazine (various).Calista attended college on a Journalism scholarship and has worked onnewspapers as an editor and reporter. She holds degrees in General Studiesand Communications. Calista divides her time between Arizona, San Diego andvarious other locales in the U.S. and abroad. She has traveled the countryseveral times over by Lear Jet, always with her laptop in tow, and is a spaaficionado. Visit the author at


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